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Ever wondered how can you increase your reach on Instagram and make the most out of your post?

Here are some tips to help you do that!

# 1 Did you know that posting at the incorrect time or infrequently could be restricting your Instagram engagement?

While there are a number of strategies to boost Instagram engagement, posting when your followers are most active is a surefire approach to do so.

# 2 Comments, shares, and saves on Instagram are more crucial than ever. Creating more content that encourages your audience to hit the save button is one of the best strategies to enhance your engagement this year.

# 3 Keep your Instagram feed visually consistent.

Instagram is a graphically-focused social media platform that encourages visually appealing content. Despite the fact that glossy perfection is out of style, visual content will always be at the center of Instagram.

# 4 Make your captions longer

Did you know that you can have up to 2,200 characters in your Instagram caption? Writing longer captions is one of the simplest strategies to increase your Instagram engagement.

"Time spent on the post" is one of the parameters that influence how well your Instagram post performs in the algorithm.

# 5 Identify the suitable hashtags.

Choosing the right hashtags for your Instagram posts might mean the difference between appearing at the top of the feed or disappearing completely.

# 6 Make Content That Can Be Shared

Users may now share feed posts to their Instagram Stories or Direct Messages, which is a useful feature that can help you reach even more people.

#7: Increase the amount of video content you produce.

Instagram video had a strong year in 2020, thanks to the debut of Instagram Reels, and it shows no signs of slowing off in 2021.

You'll almost certainly enhance interaction on your Instagram page if you incorporate more video material into your content plan.

Try incorporating these techniques the next time you're planning and strategizing your Instagram content and see how your audience reacts!

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